There is a science to learning and since 2012 when she graduated with Honors from Animal Behaviour College Karin has been using the science of force-free rewards based training to help people and their dogs achieve their training goals and objectives.

“Seek first to understand, then be understood” is one of Karin’s favorite mantras and is fundamental in her approach to her work.   Karin will help you understand why your dog is behaving the way he or she is then teach you the skills to support your dog in learning a better way to respond.

Learning never stops. Science never stops seeking to discover and understand as such keeping current with advances is important to Karin so she can bring the latest information and techniques to you and your dog. Karin has taken seminar’s and webinars with industry leaders such as Kathy Sdao, Brenda Aloff, Barbara Davis, CDPT-KA, CDBC and Lisa Mullinax, CDBC.

Your training partner.   Time with Karin doesn’t stop when your session ends, Karin is 100% invested in your success which to her means being there to help you when you need it providing free phone, email and text support to all of her clients.

Life today is busy. Private programs means one-on-one training in your home set up around a schedule that works for you and your family. Maybe Tuesday works this week and Thursday next or perhaps your week got a little crazy and you didn’t have the time to train that you needed, no problem Karin is flexible.

Personalized with care. Dogs are sentient beings each of them just as unique as you and I. All of Karin’s programs are customized and tailored to suit the individual needs of both the canine and human clients.

From socialization and manners training for your puppy to support understanding and address complex behavior challenges including over-stimulation, aggression and on-leash reactivity Karin will help you understand and navigate the challenge from a new perspective, a scientific and compassionate one and in so doing will help you open the door to a deeper and more connected relationship between you and your dog.