Behavior Challenges

Oreo suffered from a lack of critical early socialization and as a result at 18 months of age when he was rescued he was afraid of everything. He barked and lunged at voices in the hallway, people in the elevator, dogs, cats, bikes, skateboards, cars both moving and parked and people on the street.

Treatment Plan

Oreo’s guardians were looking for an intensive program that would support them in working through Oreo’s challenges with them long term.
Oreo’s training comprised of a rigorous 8 month long Trekk ‘n Train program where he received training 4 times a week, 3 private one-on-one sessions with me as well as a private coaching session for his guardians. His program addressed socialization, confidence building, leash manners training and behavior modification to address his many fears when in the outdoors, each one of them unique.

Oreo Today

Today Oreo attends daycare 3 days a week, enjoys long walks where he has no problem passing people on the sidewalk, he can walk around and between parked cars as well as walk along a busy street (4 lanes of traffic) and across intersections busy with both vehicle and pedestrian traffic and he rides the Sky Train. His reactivity with respect to the elevator, bikes and skateboards is much better and the last I heard Oreo was continuing to show progress in these areas. His favorite thing to do is play fetch at the park.