Behavior Challenges

Faith was found in Louisiana as a stray pregnant and suffering from horrific abuse. Fortunately she was rescued sadly though not soon enough to save her babies. She lost her 10 puppies and she was found to have heart-worm.
After 2 months of healing time for her physical wounds Faith found her forever home in Vancouver. Despite her abuse Faith had not lost her love of people. However she was highly fearful of other dogs displaying intense barking and lunging upon seeing one. She also had absolutely no leash skills and was wary of many things in her environment.

Treatment Plan

Faith was in rough shape when she was rescued. Her recovery and rehabilitation was going to take time, patience and a lot of love. Faith’s guardians wanted a Private Training program that was designed to help them through Faith recovery process. We designed a 1 year program that supported Faith and her family with socialization, confidence building, life skills training and behavior modification to address her reactivity issues.

Faith Today

Today you would never guess that Faith suffered terrible abuse and was fearful of the world. She loves to try new things, likes to play dress up, goes to work every day with Mom and Dad. Faith enjoys weekend trips that involve the Camper and she likes going to the beach where she loves to play with the waves, snapping at them as they lap the shore. Faith has grown much more comfortable around other dogs regularly attending our Sunday Social Club and she has 3 doggie BFF’s, Karma who lives upstairs, my dog Dakota and her boyfriend Knox.