Behavior Challenge

Timber and Tundra moved to Vancouver from a small town in the country and were feeling intensely overwhelmed with the hustle and bustle of the city. Free to roam off leash in the country Timber and Tundra were feeling frustrated about having to wear a leash. To protest they would grab the leash and tug. When they weren’t trying to drag their Mom down the street by tugging her they would charge down the street pulling her along behind them.
In the country Timber and Tundra were free to run over and say hello to other dogs, in the City the leash prevented them from doing this creating more frustration resulting in Timber and Tundra lunging and barking at the sight of other dogs when on leash.

Treatment Plan

For these two an 8 week Private Training program was designed. The program provided socialization, leash manners training and behaviour modification to address the reactivity.

Timber and Tundra today

Today these ladies have settled in and settled down and are loving life in the city. They have made great improvements in their reactivity to the point where they can again enjoy daily walks together on leash anywhere in the City Mom wants to go, something their previous behaviors prevented them from doing. When they need to get in touch with their rugged side they love to take advantage of Vancouver’s hiking trails for a day hike or go somewhere fantastic on the weekend for a little camping, making for great adventures.
Timber and Tundra are happy and enjoying the best of both worlds. A fun and active city life blended with hiking and camping; their favorite activities from life in the country. Who says you can’t have it all?