Chewy and Family

A few months ago, I contacted the Hug-a-Bull Association in desperate search for someone who could help us tame our super wild and hyperactive – yet adorable and loveable – 2-year-old Pit-bull Chewy. We were referred to this wonderful, highly devoted, and passionate Dog Trainer, Karin Peters. With only a few sessions, we are happy to say Chewy has made great progress something we honestly didn’t think could be possible with a dog as stubborn as her. We’re now able to get Chewy to sit and wait at the door before we take her out for a walk. I am also no longer dragged down 4 flights of stairs due to an impatient and hyperactive Chewy who is always so eager to go outside. Chewy now waits if you ask her to, and responds well to the ‘sit’, ‘look’, and ‘come’ commands. Karin also helped us be able to enjoy our walks with Chewy, without dealing with the constant tugging. And most importantly, she helped us train Chewy in the most humane of ways, through praise, consistency, persistence, and lots of love. I would highly recommend Karin as a trainer for your dog. Although in the end, the training results are primarily a reflection of how much the owner applies the training strategies provided, I do believe that having an experienced, dog passionate, and dedicated trainer like Karin can make a difference, helping you go a long way with your dog’s training needs”.
Chewy and Family

Natalie, Nash & Jeff

We met Karin in August 2015, and from the first group lesson, it was clear to us that Karin’s approach was in line with our personal values. Karin has always been patient, non-judgmental, and honest with us. She adores our dog Jeff and finds joy in watching him progress. Jeff was a rescue from the SPCA, and was found in northern BC. We didn’t have much else to go on, and Karin has gone above and beyond to understand Jeff, his history, and habits. We have had Jeff for close to one year now, and in this short of a time period, the greatest gains have been made while working with Karin. Jeff is very reactive on leash, to the point where he would redirect, and bite our ankles. We were at the end of our leash so to speak, and would avoid seeing other dogs at all costs. Using only positive methods, Karin has shown us how on-leash walks can be enjoyable. We now seek out areas in our neighborhood where Jeff can practice urban agility techniques and challenge his Malinois instincts. The training we have done with Karin has paid off in leaps and bounds, we are now working on passing another dog on opposite sides of the street. Karin is flexible, passionate, relatable and thrives on seeing results. If you’re embarrassed, upset, or filled with dread at the thought of taking your dog out in public, reach out to Karin. It has changed our relationship with our dog, and leaves us excited to see his next milestone.
Natalie, Nash and Jeff

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